Why We Advise Our Clients To Change Locks When Buying A Home

Moving house is one of the most energy- and time-consuming processes in a person’s life. Along with the budgeting, house hunting, legal papers, packing and moving logistics, there are tons of additional aspects that you will need to concern yourself with. One of the most ignored and forgotten things most people place far from the top of their to-do lists is related to changing locks. Relying on the goodwill of the former owners and past tenants, real estate agents and subcontractors is not a sane thing to do. Why go to sleep every night knowing someone could be still holding on to the keys to your home – and decide to use them when you least expect them to?keypad lock

As professional real estate agents that have been serving the Atlanta area for many decades, we always advise our clients to change the locks on their new homes. That one-time small lock changing fee is definitely worth one lifetime of peace of mind. Below we are going to dig a little deeper into the matter and provide you with a few undeniable arguments why changing locks on a new property is a must.

Too Many People Have Been Inside Your New Home

Buying/selling a house is a complex process that requires the work of a lot of people, ranging from home inspectors to home renovators and handymen, real estate agents, bank representatives, home decorators, and the list goes on.

Having the old locks replaced with a new set will completely get rid of the risk of having some of the old homeowners or tenants access your home. Lots of people hand out spare keys to trustworthy neighbors, friends, and family members for emergency reasons. And while the majority of home buying contracts usually come with a distinct clause that clearly states that all keys will be dropped at the point of sale, it is difficult to know if all the copies have been accounted for. It is less likely for the former owners to actually break into your house, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Plus, former gardeners, babysitters, or repairmen could all have kept their old spare keys, and the road is short from there to a small incident.

New Locks = Enhanced Home Security

Oftentimes, buying an older house means having to dig deeper in your pocket for home improvement and renovation expenses. Besides having to replace old and squeaky floors and cheap carpentry finishes, you may also want to consider having the old and worn-out set of locks on the front/back/garage doors replaced. There have been lots of advancements in the home security and locksmithing fields over the last few years. Today, you can install a keypad lock and type in a unique code in order to lock and unlock your home, instead of using the classic and bulky metal key you have been using since as long as you can remember. These locks also enable fast access code replacement instead of the regular lock re-keying procedure.

If you are getting ready to move into a new home, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the modern solutions you can now find on the market.

  • If you are having trouble comparing different types of deadbolt, mortise, or electronic locks, get in touch with a professional locksmith for homes like https://www.ontimelocksmiths.com/residential and ask for help. These licensed and experienced lock technicians can assist you in making the most suitable choice for your particular needs.
  • They have the right kind of training and expertise needed to assess any type of lock mechanism in relation to the door it needs to be attached to and rapidly install any kind of new lock mechanism.
  • These people also specialize in removing outdated locks or fixing flaws in them when needed.  they are definitely your go-to guys if you plan on moving into an older house that has been using the same locks on the doors for decades.
  • Consider installing a deadbolt lock in order to add an additional layer of protection to all of the exterior doors on your house.
  • Electronic locks, keypad options, and even smart locks will allow you to enjoy a lot more convenience when managing security on your home. Their prices have gone down over the last few years, so you should not worry about having to build a huge budget for your new investment. Plus, if you’re planning on having all of the locks on your new home replaced, you will most likely receive nice discounts and special deals.

Finally, new locks will bring you more peace of mind knowing you and your family will benefit from upgraded security so you can settle in stress-free in your new home.