How To Turn A Spare Room Into A Gaming Haven

According to a study completed by the American Housing Survey that was published by the National Association of Home Builders, an average home buyer is likely to remain in a single-family house 13 years on average prior to relocating. People buying a house for the first time tend to stay put for a total of 11 years, and are also more likely to buy a starter home. Whether it’s time to start looking for a bigger home and hit the refresh button on your location, or you are ready to invest in your first home, one thing is for sure: there are lots of things to consider, and elements to factor in. What may look like the perfect house for one person could be completely wrong for another one. For example, if you are an all-time gamer, and you would like to have your own gaming room, buying a house with an extra room you can spare for this purpose will become your primary filter.

If you have already sealed the deal and you are now ready to start working on your dream gaming room, here are a few tips.

Gaming Rooms Are Not Just For Childrengaming room

Who doesn’t love to spend a fun and relaxing evening playing board or video games? Or indulge in a long poker tournament together with the neighbors? Bingo with homemade cards and snacks as prizes, blackjack or roulette games, pizza, popcorn, guacamole and tortilla chips, good music playing in the background – who could say no to that? If you need more inspiration for what games to add to your list, places like Australia Casino will introduce you to a rich casino gambling universe filled with exciting games to try. You can find tons of free spin games and table or roulette games that can be played in practice mode there, or switch straight to real money game play.

Darts, ping-pong, and even bowling or mini-golf games could also be part of your options. If you have kids, make sure to include plenty of suitable games for their age and interest and encourage them to improve their creativity, skills, and thinking.

Worried you may not have enough space for all these games? You may need a bigger house! Get in touch with us and let us help you find your dream home with a generous spare room you can use for your gaming plans.

How To Set Up The Ideal Gaming Room

  • Plan ahead. Make a list of all the games and activities you would like to be able to do in your gaming room. This will give you a better idea in terms of space planning. While you may be tempted to include as many games and fun activities as possible, do not lose yourself in the process and keep your head on your shoulders. Remember that the majority of table games require at least three square feet in terms of space around them.

  • If the seating is limited and you also wish to include a TV set in the room, you could opt for a wall-mounted alternative near the game tables.

  • Choose the right lighting so you can enjoy a pleasant night behind a poker or bingo table, paying close attention to the numbers and cards in front of you. You can also consider adding task lights along with ambient lights around the room for a more powerful impact.

  • See that you have sufficient room to place a table with at least six chairs for your gaming buddies and guests. Opt for furnishing solutions that also double as seating. Stools can also be easily moved from one area to another without too much hassle.

  • If you have a passion for baseball or poker, and you have the right budget, try to re-create your favorite sport in this room. Include built-in goals, penalty boxes, or poker tables, decks of cards, and table cloth/decorations that perfectly imitate the casino atmosphere. Make sure you have the right flooring for it. Since flooring is an important factor a lot of people looking to buy a home will keep a close eye on, you should pay extra attention to it if you also have a gaming room project at the horizon.

  • Add the necessary insulation, upgrade the framing, and consider investing in sound panels if you would like to soundproof your gaming room as well. You can install your gaming computer and video game consoles there and access your favorite casinos online while blasting your favorite tunes at top volume– no one will mind.